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The IPW offices in Shenzhen house a 35-member international team of mechanical and electronic engineers as well as support staff for purchasing, testing and prototyping.
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Our approach

IPW's Holistic Approach to Cost-Effective,
Sustainable Design

Design to Cost

We bring 20 years of design experience to the table. We help you design products like they are our own. Our goal is to help you develop a product that will meet with success. We earn our living in production so the design has to be good, meaning creating a product that will sell and be profitable.

Our customers’ specifications can be span the spectrum from simple notions of desired functionality to extremely detailed 3D and electronic designs. No matter how specific the designs may be, we help customers adapt their specifications to reduce overall cost and meet final pricing constraints.


IPW has helped design, refine and improve electrical and electronic designs for over 15 years. We optimize cost, component availability performance, ease of certification (experience worldwide) and lead time. This always requires a number of gives and takes but we lay out the possibilities for our customers and help them make the best decisions. Once the product is on the market, the keywords are reactivity and flexibility. Market changes can require changes to electrical design, or maybe you want to add a function. We help you optimize costs and minimize certification outlays.

Mechanical Design

In 20 years of service to our customers, we have worked with most materials used in consumer market products. This includes the various ways in which the materials are produced, treated (surface or otherwise) and processed.

3D Prototyping

There is probably no place on earth that allows for greater efficiency than the Pearl River Delta in southern China. Absolutely every manufacturing process can be found with a huge variety of cost and quality within a short drive. Suppliers with great international experience provide the most efficient and fastest turn-around times in the world. The typical processes used are:
  • 3D printing
  • Fast PCB prototyping
  • Assembly and testing


Before going on to initial production stages, IPW carries out the following tests to make sure that the design meets the required specifications:
  • Electrical
  • CEM
  • Aging
  • IP – resistance to dust and water
  • Shock resistance
  • Thermal
  • Optic and photometric


Sustainability has to be designed into products. It is not just a question of the materials used. It is even more a question of the life cycle of a product. We help customers design durable products that allow the end customer to change the parts where possible. The added cost of doing so can be as little as several cents for connectors that, for example, can allow the change of a battery or a LED PCB.

With in-house packaging design, long experience in co-design with our customers and strong relations with suppliers who also work with some of the best-known companies in the world, we will help you protect and market your products in a well-adapted, cost-efficient and eco-friendly.