Precision meets transparency. With a commitment to 'Manufacturing to cost'

IPW offers transparent, cost-effective manufacturing services, including plastic molding and electronic assembly. Our focus on quality, rigorous testing, and environmental responsibility aligns with global standards.

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Manufacturing to cost

All projects start with specifications and cost targets. When working with IPW, we guarantee to show full cost transparency. We do so by using a standard formal Excel file that gives a complete cost breakdown for all parts and labor.

After coming up with an initial BOM (bill of materials) and associated cost, a first prototype is made in-house. Any of our customers could attest to the high turnaround speed for this initial phase that allows for discussion with our customers on the trade-offs to be made going forward. After mutually agreed upon changes, a new BOM is generated and prototyping continues. Once this phase is finished, preparation for productions tools can be initiated

Plastic Injection

Having started out in injection mold project management, IPW quickly transitioned into production of small plastic parts for our customers. That was more than 15 years ago and since then the company has worked for any number of small and large companies. We have worked with a large variety of plastic materials and on parts that run the full spectrum from cost-driven to highly technical and qualitative. Our factory includes the following equipment:


When our sister company, Smart & Green started developing and selling rechargeable lighting, IPW invested in its first rotomolding machine. Since then, while the large majority of the parts manufactured have been destined for the lighting market, IPW has also been able to use the growing production facilities in a large number of shapes and sizes of products.
Rotational molding is a poorly known method of manufacturing plastic parts…
Our factory includes the following equipment:…


Giving our customers an in-house electronic assembly solution was an obvious choice of expansion early-on in our industrial development. Starting from simple assembly, IPW has grown in its ability to assemble PCBs. While the high volume capital intensive SMT process is sub contracted to dedicated suppliers, IPW maintains the extreme flexibility and responsiveness necessary for our customers, whether it be for low or high volumes. Our factory includes the following equipment:…


Before there is assembly, there is inventory. IPW provides top of its class inventory management allow for reliable delivery. Having passed audits by a large number of customers and internationally accredited certifying laboratories, IPW manages inventory in proper conditions. Electronic components are stored at a set temperature and humidity and the inventory is maintained with state of the art monitoring systems. As with electronics, our assembly lines are made for flexibility, for anything from relatively low quantities to high volume.Our factory includes the following equipment:…

System & Certificate

All products are tested to international norms of statistical analysis. IPW creates its own testing tools for all products which are rigorously 100% tested before leaving the factory. IPW disposes of the following in-house capabilities for testing: In addition to certifying products for all internationally required norms, IPW maintains the following certifications:…
  • ISO 14001
  • SA 8000
  • ISO 9001

Supply Chain

IPW can play any role necessary in the supply chain for our customers. While developing and engineering products with a customer, all issues regarding size and potential packaging, including palletization, are taken into account. Depending on the experience and resources of our customers, IPW can organize all aspects of logistics and delivery, anywhere in the world and by any means of transport.

Environment and social responsibility

IPW is not only a responsible actor in China in terms of how it produces but also helps customers be certain that their products also conform to necessary regulations. To start out, before being certified ISO14001 for environmental practices and SA8000 for social responsibility, IPW was already conforming to the necessary international regulations. Audits from our most demanding clients attest to that. We then extend that compliance in the development of our customers’ products.