IPW Group: Tailored Subcontracting
Solutions for Your Products Solutions for Your Products Solutions for Your  Products Solutions for Your  Products Solutions for Your Products

IPW Group: Tailored Subcontracting
Solutions for Your Products Solutions for Your Products Solutions for Your Products Solutions for Your Products Solutions for Your Products

Crafting Innovation, Delivering Excellence
IPW provides product development, production and logistics services to companies who market their own products. While this is often referred to as subcontracting, we see it as much more than that. We accompany our customers from an initial product idea through to certification and, where needed, product improvement. We call it industrial service with the end goal being our customers’ market success.

Who are we 

Meet the IPW Group: a dynamic Franco-Chinese industrial force established in 2001. As specialists in OEM services in China, we cater to diverse markets such as aeronautics, electricity, telecoms, and innovative LED lighting solutions. With our own production capabilities, a decade-long track record of excellence, and a relentless commitment to innovation, IPW Group is your trusted partner in shaping the future of industrial manufacturing.

Comprehensive Product Solutions

Custom product subcontracting


In our R&D hub, a skilled team of 35 international engineers drives innovation in electronics and mechanical design, 3D prototyping, and testing. With 20 years of design expertise, we prioritize cost-effective, eco-friendly solutions, supporting you from concept to market success.

Design to Cost

With 20 years' design experience, we make your products our own for successful, profitable results. From simple to detailed, we adapt and reduce costs.

3D prototyping

Pearl River Delta: The global epicenter of efficiency, offering diverse, cost-effective manufacturing with rapid turnaround."


Comprehensive Testing: IPW ensures design compliance with stringent specifications through electrical, aging, shock, and environmental assessments.



Precision meets transparency. With a commitment to ‘Manufacturing to cost,’ we provide complete cost transparency. From plastic injection molding and rotomolding to electronics assembly and testing, our state-of-the-art facilities ensure quality.
Manufacturing to cost

Project initiation with detailed cost transparency. Rapid prototyping and BOM adjustments for efficient production tool preparation.


Streamlined electronic assembly: Expanding early on, IPW now offers in-house PCB assembly with flexibility for volumes.

Supply Chain

IPW provides end-to-end supply chain solutions. Expertise in packaging and logistics, ensuring seamless delivery worldwide.

Light bulb


We transform ideas into reality through expert orchestration. Our collaborative approach assembles a diverse range of industrial experts, ensuring project success. From initial development to prototyping, tooling, and production, we’re your dedicated partner. We address packaging, certifications, and logistics, delivering excellence from concept to market-ready products.
Initial development

From vague ideas to detailed plans, we craft cost-effective strategies, working closely with clients for success.


Rapid in-house prototyping: A valued client service to expedite project progress, prioritizing design consensus.


Packaging prioritized for sustainability and logistics efficiency, including global certifications for diverse product requirements.


Ambitious ideas into successful products


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